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Unable to publish a geocode service from ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1 to ArcServer 3.1, are there any conflicts?

Question asked by carlosfflores on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by mvolz47

We have an enterprise GIS system installed in the office, I am trying to publish a composite locator with suggestions that I created in ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1.  In order to create this geocode locator I upgraded to 10.3.1 from 10.3 but only my computer was upgraded ArcGIS Server and the whole enterprise remain on 10.3. I also installed a patch for 10.3.1 so it will work on building this locator. Now When I am trying to publish the locator as a service It does not get published, I only get a pop up window with the message  " Failed to publish service".

Are there any conflicts between this two versions? (10.3 - 10.3.1) How do I solve this problem.


I will appreciate any help with this problem. Thanks