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How do I efficiently find the line and sample image values in an NITF image to perform a spatial subset / chip /clip within ArcGIS for Desktop 10.4 ?

Question asked by kevcri on Mar 4, 2017
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NITF Extension for ArcGIS - Performing a Spatial Subset of an Image




1. What is the most efficient way to go about setting the size of my spatial subset AOI ?

     I.e . Where in ArcGIS can i get the line and sample values to display so that i can input them into the box to subset it ?




1. Draw an extent box with the graphic tool from the Drawing toolbar. 


2. Export that AOI as an NITF subset such that it preserves the RPC info inside the ICHIPB tag.


ISSUE ENCOUNTERED - See accompanying attached .png 


The problem is the interface only allows you to specify your extents in terms of line and sample values.


I tried going to Data Frame > General tab > Units but there is nothing there