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180 degree wrapping around basemap for Story Map, Map Tour template

Question asked by tomokosu on Mar 3, 2017
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I am not sure if this is a place to post requests/suggestions for changes in the story map template. If it is not, please let me know where I can post this. 


I am with Coral Reef Ecosystem Program of NOAA at Honolulu Hawaii, and we are ready to go on a 3 month long expedition to survey coral reef ecosystems in Mariana Archipelago in 2 weeks. We would like to create a story map to document the expedition (e.g., what scientists observe and what they do out there), using a map tour template. However, we discovered that the basemap for this template doesn't span around international date line (180 degree).A web server is not available to us, so that we can't download the template and customize it to have the map wrapping around.

Unfortunately time is not our side, but is there any way to achieve this?

There will be another expedition coming up in June. Would it possible to implement the change in the template by then if it is not possible for this expedition?


Story map is a great way to communicate what we do out at sea. Having to have a continuous Pacific ocean on a map is very critical to our mission.


Thank you so much for consideration. 


Tomoko Acoba