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Why does my answered survey have no records ?

Question asked by IYTE-ARCHITECTURE on Mar 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by nick.moore


Dear All, 


I posted a similar question yesterday but haven't received any comment so far. I guess I didn't make my question 

clear enough. 


I designed  and published a survey  to collect data of certain aspects of historical buildings in a small town. The number of questions in the survey is 51 and  so far 899 surveys have been filled and submitted (Survey Overview.jpg). The problem is that when I check the results on all I can see is the location of data points and the picture taken at the data point (Survey Data.jpg).  I'm quite confused on why the data table looks empty as if a survey was submitted without entering any data.


I need immediate help on this matter. I would be grateful if anyone at ESRI could share a solution as soon as possible. I would appreciate any immediate contribution.