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enterprise geodatabase SQL Server 2012 Express

Question asked by kirsten.strandjord_ucboulder on Mar 3, 2017

I am writing an application with ArcGIS Qt SDK and currently I have just been bringing in data through reading files stored on my computer. I have C++ classes that are populated with this data, but I am not currently storing this data in any form of database. I have a Hyper Virtual Machine that is hosting SQL Server 2012 Express. I am open to using other database storage, but I am fairly new to using ArcGIS with Qt and the C++ languages. Is there a source for good documentation on how to store my C++ classes within a database using ArcGIS for Qt? That is, are there resources specifically for geodatabases and ArcGIS Qt? Here is the link that I found containing some information (Supported geodatabase formats—ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt | ArcGIS for Developers), but I am looking for more documentation. Thanks for the help!