Best Mobile Device Workflows

Discussion created by sye0069 on Mar 3, 2017


I am researching different options for field data collection, mainly Wetland and Stream delineation as well as collections at fixed points.  Currently we are using XT units and ArcPad / Terrasync.  We are looking to revamp our workflow to something more efficient and modern. 


My current thought is to switch to some kind of tablet - run the collector app for fixed points and terrasync for the streams and wetlands, paired with an application called wetform to use as data sheets.   If anyone has any comments please help me discuss the following:

1. Can Terraysnc run on a tablet?

2. which tablets are most efficient, durable (tough books, ipads, windows based, android based)

3. Does anyone have any experiences using bluetooth recievers for sub meter?

4. how does this handle coming back into an Esri environment? 

   a. Terrasync files will be post processed in PFO and then saved to projects - is there a better way to streamline this?

   b. for the fixed points in the collector app, i was thinking ArcOnline, this will also need to sync with ArcServer??


Thank you!