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LGIM data integration: Bike Lanes

Question asked by ckohlerpeoria on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by AMuise-esristaff

Hello and thank you for any help, advice or guidance on this issue.


Currently, I work as a GIS technician so I feel very comfortable learning and understanding new concepts with GIS, but I am stuck on trying to load data using only relates into my city's Local Government Information Model(LGIM).



- Have bike lanes integrated into our LGIM using a relate to avoid adding fields into LGIM feature classes. Ultimately, if we can have the LG feature class contain relates to other tables of data that describes these bike lanes.



-The target feature class is (facilities streets) streetbikelane

-My source of data is from a bikelanes_routes shapefile

-Attempted to use joins, but I don't want to add a field to the feature class, which is what I need to do in order to create a join


Below I've attached my raw data shapefile of the bike lanes


I am open to any suggestions to minimize editing fields of the LG feature classes.