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Adding an individual layer from a REST service to a map on ArcGIS Online

Question asked by derekhung on Mar 1, 2017
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I'm creating a story map series (in the style of I need to add maps in each of the tabs. All of the tabs need to retrieve data from the same Map Server from the same REST endpoint (.../rest/services/Sustainability/Sustainability_Map/MapServer), but I need each tab to only show a different set of layers from that Map Server  (see attachment to view what the REST endpoint looks like).


This is my ideal workflow:

1) Create a map for each tab

2) For each map, do "Add Layer from Web", and add the necessary layers by the index on the Map Server

   e.g. For Energy, ".../rest/services/Sustainability/Sustainability_Map/MapServer/1"

   e.g. For Climate Action, ".../rest/services/Sustainability/Sustainability_Map/MapServer/5"

   e.g. For Built Environment, ".../rest/services/Sustainability/Sustainability_Map/MapServer/9"


Each of those indeces (1, 5, 9) have sub-layers (e.g. Under "Energy" (index 1), the sub-layers are Renewable Energy, Municipal Energy Efficiency, Community Energy Efficiency), and these would logically appear as the layers on each tab of my story map.



According to the answer on:, this should work! And I do remember being able to add specific layers by just adding the index at the end of the URL a year ago.


However, this is not happening for me now. I get the error "The layer is not a supported type and can not be added to the map." Can somebody please help me?


Thank you!