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Can we use desktop 10.4 or later for our utility management

Question asked by myerington50 on Mar 1, 2017
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We are having troubles with inconsistencies since rolling up to Windows 10 on new computers.  


In reading the following article we are under the impression that we have to stay at desktop 10.2.1 to be fully supported for geometric network functionality.

Update on ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2.1 for Utility and Telecom Users 


Are we reading this correctly or can we update our custom tools and desktop to the latest versions of desktop so hopefully some of our windows 10 computers stop having problems with desktop.  This is a limiting factor as most new PC's are coming with windows 10 and desktop 10.2.1 does not state that it is a supported platform.


FAQ: Is Windows 10 certified with Esri's ArcGIS products? 


We have a lot of custom tools for telecom that are still compiled with 10.2, and we are just wondering if these can be compiled with a later version and be fully supported as functional with ESRI?