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How to sum line features

Question asked by s2316161_RUG on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by cdoyle_lvpc

I'm trying to change the symbology of my routes that are the result of a closest facility tool. 


Obviously these are line features, from a busstop to a particular central point.

Some routes from different busstops however have the same route. 


I'm trying to find out what the increase of traffic is per piece of line, so obviously lines closest to the central point will have more traffic than roads further to the countryside.  Since some routes overlap, I need to sum up the amount of travellers.


In other worse, if 4 people use busstop A, the next busstop on the route B have 5 people. The line between B and C will have 9 people. 


How can I add up these numbers of travellers (I have them as an attribute field)  in a line feature?


This gentleman was trying to find out the same idea I believe, but I don't have programming skills.: