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AGOL unable to enable editor tracking

Question asked by tom.rippetoe on Feb 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by tom.rippetoe

I have created an AGOL hosted feature service.  When I try to enable editor tracking by selecting the 'Keep track of who created and last updated features' checkbox, I get the following error message when clicking the Save button:  "Unable to update feature service definition". And that is all......


The AGOL hosted feature service contains a single feature class and three related tables. The service was published from an 'SDE' instance. That source database had editor tracking enabled on the feature class and tables. I disabled editor tracking in the SDE instance just prior to publishing to AGOL to preserve the created/edited data as the hosted feature service was being created.


In addition to trying to enable editor tracking on the AGOL feature service by clicking on the check-box, I have also tried using the REST admin endpoints on the feature service and the feature class layer.  I have tried to 'Update Layer Definition' and 'Update Service Definition' by setting the edit fields info with the following JSON element:

"editFieldsInfo" : {
  "creationDateField" : "CreationDate",
  "creatorField" : "Creator",
  "editDateField" : "EditDate",
  "editorField" : "Editor"

The REST response indicates 'success' but the update is not persisted.  I have also tried the 'Add to Definition' REST endpoint. The response from there also seems to indicate success, i.e. no error error messages are displayed. But again the additional element is not preserved in the service definition.


I am the owner of the feature service.


Any thoughts on how to enable editor tracking on my AGOL hosted feature service?