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join/ merge most suitable polylines

Question asked by griessie on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by griessie

Hello once again,


I have hopefully the last question to finish my project with ArcMAP. I would be thankful, If I would get a support once again.

I have some polylines (layer1), which are connected at one point. A second lacer is a polyline, too. These polyline is connected at this point, too and goes along of one of the other lines (but don’t overlap them exactly)

Now I want join or merge the single polyline with the best fitting other line. Means with the most overlapping.

Unfortunately I have this scenario 300 times in my project. For that reason I prefer a toolbox solution. But I don’t know which tool is the right one or how to solve my problem.


Do you have any idea? Thank you so much!!!!