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Iterate Dataset and Workspace to Add Rasters to Mosaic Dataset

Question asked by mappers_mapping on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by mappers_mapping

My raster mosaic datasets are in a file gdb ordered by block. For example Block_470 and Block_480.


My workspace has images ordered by block with subfolders with in each block. For example workspace Block_470 contains subfolders BW and RGB. This is the same for workspace Block_480. Meaning workspace Block_480 will also have subfolders BW and RGB.


I need to add the tiff files in workspace Block_470/BW to raster mosaic dataset Block_470 and the tiff files in workspace Block_480/BW will need to be added to raster mosaic dataset Block_480.


How can I iterate through so that the right tiff files in the subfolders go into the corresponding mosaic datasets?


I was thinking something like this:

import arcpy

workspaces = arcpy.ListWorkspaces("//nyx-galli/eGIS/Data/Raster/Imagery/Aerial/SGIC/2008_Mapcon/Block4*", "Folder")
datasets = arcpy.ListDatasets("D:/TestRasterMosaic/BW.gdb/Block_4*", "Mosaic")

for i in workspaces:
    workspaces2 = arcpy.ListWorkspaces("", "Folder")


This did not work for me: