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curvature mosaic dataset displaying differently at varying scales

Question asked by tony.brown_FCNSW on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by CBenkelman-esristaff

I've had this issue with many MD functions, such as slope, aspect and curvature.  I have a 1m DTM MD from which I've created several referenced MD for Hillshades, slope etc.  One in particular has the following function chain

- resample to 25m (curvature doesn't have any real landscape meaning at 1m resolution)

- Statistics function (3x3 mean - take an average of the landscape to 'smooth' out any localised humps and bumps)

- Curvature (standard - z factor = 1)


I am looking to produce erosional/depositional surfaces (or at least indications of these zones) across a landscape.  What I find for this (and other function displays as mentioned above) is ArcGIS will display curvature in a landscape context at scales ~1:10,000, however as you zoom in the displays become more and more precise, to the point the display is rendering well below the resample pixel size of 25m, and makes no sense with regard to curvature at all.  I've attached a couple of images, with blue being concave (<0) and pink being convex (>0) at scales of 10,000; 5000; 2000.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.