Visualization issue 3D model - Disappearing multipatch

Discussion created by STAR_Lab on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by halmaia

I have a problem with the visualization of my multipatch in ArcGIS Pro in the scene view. The 3D model is inserted as multipatch (with the geoprocessing tool 'import 3D files') without giving any error. When I then zoom to the layer, I can see the imported 3D model, BUT it disappears after a few seconds. If I repeat zoom to layer, the model briefly appears again for a few seconds and disappears again.


I have read that the layer cache option might be a problem if it is not on keep cache between sessions, but it didn't solve anything. Restarting the project, the software and the computer, didn't help either. Also moving or replacing multipatch didn't help. The 3D model shouldn't be too heavy, having only 1mil faces.


I have run out of ideas....