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"Creating form item" during publishing to Portal from Survey123 Connect hangs

Question asked by DistantLeaf on Feb 21, 2017
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Hi, thank you in advance for the your inputs.

I think I know what the problem is, and need some guidance to whether or not this can be solved. We have a Portal and Server setup here, and the servers are not connected to the internet. I think that (even through I'm publishing a survey from a PC with access to the internet) the server can not reach the XLS Conversion Service to create the xForm. Is there a way around this? Could I host the XLS conversion service privately? Or could I manually upload the xForm?

Here is the information I could gather:

1) When I try to publish a Survey123 form to the Portal it stops at this point:

2) The feature service is uploaded correctly to the Portal:

3) However, the xform service is not being created and/or pushed to the Portal. This is the log from the publishing:

The survey "staging" folder has this in it, is there some way to publish this manually?

I appreciate the time taken to look through this problem.