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Public use of Story Map

Question asked by Patrick41 on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by SSylvia-esristaff

I am a retired Teacher Center director and as part of my job I introduced new technology working closely with SUNYIT. New York State Archives and districts around the State.   


I  am now working with a teacher and 5th-grade students on a History project for a New York State Archives' contest. I am also working with Taughannock Falls State Park to develop a Cascade Story Map. I am trying to demonstrate to both the Archives and the New York State Department the advantages of using StoryMap with different groups.


 My specific question is do you think a public StoryMap account perhaps based upon Cascade would be suitable for 5th graders? The topic probably will be 19th Century rural schoolhouses in the Holland Patent District.  We have access to historical photos and other work so the students would mainly be putting together the Story Map.  The focus on editing existing resources and then writing headers or sidebars of information.   Our goal is to support students in researching and effectively sharing results.   


Ultimately I would like to demonstrate how the NYS Archives could effectively use Story Map for a crowd-sourcing project on the 200th Anniversary of the Erie Canal. I have worked with the Archives for 20 years and received 3 NYS awards as well as numerous grants.