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After grouping layers in the layerlist widget the legend widget does not work

Question asked by on Feb 21, 2017
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I was able to group my layers in the layerlist widget as I needed it, but the problem is that now, for example, my legend widget always displays "No legends".


Running a debug, I realized that the operational layers of the map obviously are no longer in the standard object, but in the clustered one. However, I tried to modify the following lines in the legend widget, but I did not succeed.



this._jimuLayerInfos = LayerInfos.getInstanceSync();  //This line
var legendParams =
        arrangement: this.config.legend.arrangement,
        autoUpdate: this.config.legend.autoUpdate,
        respectCurrentMapScale: this.config.legend.respectCurrentMapScale,
        //respectVisibility: false,
        layerInfos: this._getLayerInfosParam() ////This line




For grouping the layers, finally, I used the tip contained in the link below.


Thanks for the help.