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10.4.1 Token Response

Question asked by dtenney on Feb 20, 2017
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   we are running into a new issue...


we are currently working with esri support but also wanted to reach out to everyone here as well and see if anyone has experienced this...


we have python scripts that to some minimal work, nothing advanced but one less thing we have to worry about:

   Python Update Script Process

      1) stop service

      2) copy over new data

      3) start service

               this is extremely simplified but its pretty basic.


we are noticing now that when our script attempts to start the service back up and waits for token response from the service that it stalls out and we never get a response. so we successfully stop the service, do our work, try to restart the service and never get a response back.


i look at the task manager of the machine and it shows the ArcSOCs are running for the service in question, but the ESRI manager site shows the service as "starting" and never fully recovers.