Measure point or get Lat/Lon at point in Pro

Discussion created by jefferson3 on Feb 20, 2017

I have a feature class of projected points (State Plane) and in ArcMap you are able to use the "Identify" tool to choose a feature and then change the units to Decimal Degrees if it is a point so you can derive the Lat/Lon from the map for a single feature. Further you can even click the feature you have identified in the identify results and it will snap the measurement to the point (versus slightly off where you actually clicked).


Is there anything even close to this in Pro? So far I have only seen that you can measure a feature and it will give you X/Y/Z, but it will not let you choose Lat/Lon as a form of unit. And it does display the cursor location using Lat/Lon but there is no way to "lock" it and copy/paste the info.


Any thoughts?