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Sync issue, caused by reserved names?

Question asked by zkovacs on Feb 20, 2017
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Hi all,


We're having an issue with a recently published survey. It does have a few layers with different coded value domains assigned to some of the fields in them. There is one layer we're having problems with that has an extent domain with 3 values: 25%, 50%, 100% assigned to a field. It seems that the % sign causes issues when syncing/posting edits back - both when online and offline. I would've thought that the value description could contain anything as we never had a problem like this before (or we just got lucky all these years).


The issue is that if I select the extent value from the drop-down on the device and send my edits back (online survey) the field will default back to an empty field, completely ignoring the value I selected. If it's an offline survey, the value stays in the form/device, but obviously the field in question will remain empty in AGOL. No error message is displayed. All other fields in the same layer have their values posted/saved without any issues.


If I edit the data directly in AGOL, the extent value is saved, but when I open the map on the device, the extent field will be empty regardless of what value I selected from the drop-down.


Has anyone experienced this issue before? Is it a known limitation (haven't found anything on the internet so far) or a bug? We are using Collector v10.4.2 on iOS. (Just checked and it's the same on Android.)


Any help is appreciated. Thanks,