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WAB - Query Results - Redundant information

Question asked by Thomas_Gis_Roth on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by rscheitlin

Hi GeoNet Community,


i have a question concerning the WAB-Builder and the presentation of results of the Query-Widget.

Presently i am configuring a webapp which includes restaurants within a defined region. The restaurants offer different food so the user should have the opportunity to "filter" or "query" the restaurants by "type of food (e.g. Chineese, Turkish, Greek etc.).

So i configured a the query widget.


Now my problem:

If i query the layer, i always have the original layer (which is already there, when opening the WebApp).

But in my query results, i do not need the "base layer". I only want to see the layer with the query results (the same with the POPUPS).


I also tried the same with the "filter" widget. Without any success.


Here is the link to the WebApp:

ArcGIS Web Application 


Do you know a way (firstly without programming) to solve this? I only want to see the result of the query and not the layer which was configured in the webmap.


Thank you very much,


kind regards,