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ArcGIS Server Caching using 10.4.1 + Maplex

Question asked by Sandeep.Kunielgeodata-no-esridist Employee on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by craig_williams-esristaff

We use a lot of Amazon resources to generate several arcgis server caches.

However, there is one instance when the Maplex labeling gets greatly affected (Either does not show on the map/comes up with white tiles) when cached at higher scale (<1:1250).

This usually occurs when we choose a configuration such as x1/r4 instance types having 64 virtual cores...assuming --> caching would go faster on a box with more power:)

Would love to know, if there is a limit set on the number of cores that can be used for caching when maplex is on

      (AntialiasingMode: Normal and  TextAntialiasingMode: Force)


Note: The cache does come out fine....on boxes having cores <=32...but sometimes this can slow our weekly routines, especially when the delta is large.