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WGS84, alternative projected coordinate system for using osm together with data

Question asked by griessie on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by griessie

Hallo everybody, I know I asked many questions during the last weeks. I use Arcmap intensely for my point of knowledge sins this time and now I have another problem:

I need the openstreetmap-map in the background. The osm coordinate system is WGS84 (geographic coordinate system) obviously. Therefor I used the WGS84 grid for my other shape-layers, too.

I used the near-tool and I wondered about the wrong distances. I found out, that the output was a result of the wrong unit because of a geographic coordinate system (WGS84). So I think I need a projected coordinate system, which is suitable to osm, isn’t it.

When I changed the coordinate system e.q. to the national grid WGS84 world Mercator or GERMANY 3 Zone my layers didn’t fit to the osm-background anymore.


Please in case of any idea, give me an advice.


Thanks a lot, Andreas