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Web AppBuilder Developer vs WAB on Portal vs WAB on AGOL

Question asked by scobie.rob on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by rscheitlin

Currently, I have three versions of WAB at my disposal:

  • ArcGIS Online (Company Specific)
  • Portal (Company Specific)
  • Web AppBuilder Developer Edition (Installed on Desktop)


The ideal solution would be to leverage my companies “Portal” deployment to re-configure our existing Silverlight web mapping applications to something built with WAB. The biggest problem is that our current “Portal” configuration is quite basic and there are very few widgets available. There are a lot more options in Silverlight out of the box.

When I compare “Portal” with WAB Dev or AGOL WAB it seems like Portal is a step behind. Unfortunately, my IT support is limited so I would like to take this into my hands. I have also been discouraged from using AGOL to build viewers because of security concerns.


Without simple widgets like “Select” or “Identify” I am not sure if WAB is a feasible solution based on our current setup. My question is if it would be possible for me to create an application using WAB Developer/AGOL and have that added to Portal? Are there issues with backward/forward compatibility when using different versions of WAB?


If widgets were added at the viewer level using WAB Developer (versus adding some custom widgets to Portal) will that viewer work on Portal? Can an application built with WABDev even be added to Portal considering they are developed using different versions?


Hopefully, this question makes sense. Let me know if you need more context!