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10.5 Upgrade Geodatabase option grayed-out

Question asked by msbsmith on Feb 15, 2017
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I've just installed ArcGIS Desktop 10.5 (licensed with Advanced Concurrent from 10.5 License Manager) and now I want to upgrade my existing 10.2 SQL Server Geodatabases to 10.5.

However, when I right click my database connection in Catalog and select Properties, the Upgrade Geodatabase option is grayed out, and it says: "This 10.2 Geodatabase matches the ArcGIS release you are currently using".


The machine I'm working on did have 10.2 Desktop on it previously but I completely uninstalled that before installing 10.5.  So the only ESRI products on the machine are Desktop and License Manager, both at 10.5.


Does anyone have any ideas what's going on here?  How can I upgrade my databases to 10.5?  I've looked online and it seems I should be able to do it.  Am I missing something obvious?


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