Seeking advice - geoTiff processing - slow - arcpy scrip

Discussion created by youngja on Feb 14, 2017

Hello GeoNet


Seeking advice on speeding up this process.


I have multiple single monthly geotiffs (32 bit floating, 1 band) * 36 climate scenarios * 21 catchments so quite a few files to process. The process roughly is : read the geotiffs (from structured folder location & filename), for a single month/scenario combination, from each catchment and mosaic to a single coverage of coastal NSW for that month scenario combination. So end result will be 36 scenarios * 12 months * 3 epoch * variables.


I've attached my code, and is running ok, but the process is running extremely slow. Looking at a week or more of just processing this data. Note, Im not loading the files to arc TOC, only processing via arcpy code.


Any ideas on how i can speed this process up???




John Y.