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When accessing I've found a bug

Question asked by teachcalds on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by ichivite-esristaff

I'm not sure if this has been asked or not. Has anyone encountered this issue while using an Enterprise login for Survey123?


Here's the quick rundown. If we log into ArcGIS Online with our Enterprise login and then select the apps button and open Survey123 it allows us to log into Survey123 online at successfully and all surveys created by the individual can be seen.


But if we log into directly as an Enterprise login without first interacting with ArcGIS Online as mentioned above, then once it logs you in, there are no surveys visible. It appears to corrupt the login.


For our example let's say we plug in the following value (After choosing Enterprise Account as our login option) when prompted with "Enter your ArcGIS organization's URL below:" This is a fake value, but for the example let's say we input user (making it as our fake ArcGIS organization's URL) and then we finish logging in using our Enterprise Credentials (username and password you typically use for accessing your computer) which in this example we'll use as the email.


When we finish logging in we should see the username as TestUser@Testing123.com_user


When you log in like I mentioned first through ArcGIS Online and select the Survey123 app from the apps list you can log in and see your created surveys. You username shows up correctly.


But if you skip opening ArcGIS Online first and go straight to and log in, it corrupts the username shown. When you click the profile button which displays the email address (in our example it would read The username shown looks like this: TestUser%40Testing123.com_user


We understand that %40 is the symbol and number used to represent "@" but it is our feeling it shouldn't be here under the username and is the reason you cannot log into without logging into ArcGIS Online first.


Can someone at Esri or someone familiar with what I've explained in regards to Enterprise Account logins test this out and see if they encounter the same bug I've discovered? If there's a workaround (Esri?) could you please share it.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.