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Finding the right Story Map

Question asked by crhgis on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by crhgis

Hello Everyone,


I am wanting to make a Story Map using the exact same style as  the one below (see http link).

(I need tabs, images that stay in place in the left pane when point is clicked on the map, and  Popups with Hyper-links on the map)


It seems like the StoryMap Shortlist is the way to go. However when I access ShortList via AGOL-->ConfigurableApps-->Build a StoryMap, the options to config and present like the app below don't seem to exist.


I see a bunch of Story Maps with this exact style. 


Were these StoryMaps (below) customized?

Are there out of the box StoryMaps that have this style I am needing?

Thanks for any ideas or information


*****Awesome Story Map*****