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detecting terrain intersetion with a shape to achieve more realistic window texturing

Question asked by mdekys on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by raze



I have a static model of a building (converted to a shape to be able to texture it using cga)


while texturing buildings on non-flat terrain, I often encounter a problem as on picture that the windows are (partially) burried under ground:



I would like to fix this problem so that it looks more realistic. The possible solutions that I can think of are:


solution A: (better) - to be able to detect the highest point where terrain intersects a face and from that point make a horizontal line so that I subdivide this face into two subfaces and then place a non-window texture at bottom where the windows might get buried under ground and place a window texture at the top of face



solution B: subdivide this face into regular grid and then check if each subface intersects with terrain.

If so, then put non-widnow texture, otherwise place widnow texture. this looks like a worse solution because it produces lots of useless polygons



so can cityEngine detect if a face collides with a terrain and detect an exact position where it collides using cga/python?

so far I only found occlusion query functions but looks like they work only between shapes and not between shapes and terrains


or If there is a better way how to texture static models of buildings (not extruded using footprints) so that their windows don't collide with terrain please let me know