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Using Survey123 to add records to a table

Question asked by kurtis.gagne_NewGold on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by JTedrick-esristaff

I'm wondering if anyone has used Survey123 for this already or if Survey123 plans to support the following workflow.


I have an enterprise geodatabase with an existing data structure where there's a point feature class containing 'AirQuality_SampleSites'.There's also two tables called 'AirQuality_FieldData_TSP' and 'AirQuality_FieldData_PM25' these two tables contain the data collected from instruments at the sample sites. There is a 1 to Many relationship class relating the 'AirQuality_SampleSites' to the 'AirQuality_FieldData' tables with a field called 'STATION_ID' (with the postfix '_PK' and '_FK' to distinguish between primary and foreign keys).


With this current structure we have been entering the instrument readings into those two tables with a domain on the 'STATION_ID' so the relate works correctly no matter how the records are added. This works perfectly for our web apps and in ArcMap. We've also used collector to add related records but it really isn't an ideal way to enter data like this.


So it would seem that a form-centric approach like Survey123 would be perfect for the purpose of adding records to our related tables. Essentially what i'm envisioning:


  1. User brings tablet to the sample site.
  2. They load up Survey123 and select 'AirQuality Field Inspection'
  3. Select which Sample Site they're at from a drop down list (in this case there's only 4)
  4. Fill out the form with the instrumentation data and possibly add a photo attachment of site conditions.
  5. Return to the office and submit the survey data.
  6. Our related tables would then have the latest data from the field available immediately on our internal Web GIS Applications and related to the appropriate sample site.


I understand that support for adding to existing feature classes in a federated environment with an enterprise geodatabase is coming. But I'm curious if this sort of situation where were simply putting new rows into a table is on the horizon too?


If anyone is in a similar situation I'm curious if you've found a workaround or alternate solution to this.