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Cut polygon tool works far too slow

Question asked by StanislawPolanski on Feb 13, 2017
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@Hi. Im working on a small file database that contains only one polygon feature class (0,5GB/1,5m polygons). I need to cut some of the polygons and here comes the problem. The "Cut polygons" tool from the Rfiy toolbar works horribly slow. When I click point by point cutting line that contains of 20 vertices it takes about 30-120 seconds till ArcMap 10.3 renders the line (everything is in 2D ofc). Actually everything's working slowly, but that's the biggest problem. What is interesting, on some parts of the polygon the tools works immediately. Things I've already tried:

- compacting database,

- moving feature class into another db,

- repairing geometry - it deletes one or two polygons.

does not help. Would be great if you could help me solving the problem.