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Why does the SpatialReferenceDialogClass work only with a Desktop license?

Question asked by geasand on Feb 10, 2017

Lost a full day sorting this out.  Turns out that ESRI.ArcGIS.CatalogUI.SpatialReferenceDialogClass() will only work if you are binding to a Desktop license.  Previously I was binding with this:




But that resulted in an error when instantiating the class and I would get the error displayed below.


If I bind only to Desktop then the class works and the dialog opens.


I don't understand ESRI's logic in this but there it is. Seems at least I should have been able to use the 'EngineOrDesktop' binding.  That must be a bug or I don't really understand that classification.  And why include this class in ArcGIS Engine if you are not able to use it with an Engine only application?   And a more understandable error message would be nice.  I spent a bunch of time trying to determine if the CLSID was or was not registered.  Go figure.