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R&H : Working on snapshot of dyn-seg'd ALRS

Question asked by paroxsitic on Feb 12, 2017

My use case


I can only work via the REST API to make edits/view data once its setup.


I am trying to work on an event layer that is dyn-segged from a ALRS on say 3/1/2017. The dyn-seg is based on things like functional class, number of lanes, etc.


I want to make various edits to those segments such as expanding them, shrinking them, splitting them. I only want to look at the network as of 3/1/2017, I don't care about anything that happens after.


Once I am happy and do some reports. I want to then fast forward to current day (Lets say 4/1/2017) and now my event table is up to date with the latest network. All the events that could be move forward have done so, those that couldn't need to be recreated. 


It's important that at any given moment the event table obeys the dyn-seg that was originally created.


My approach


Event layer is created based on dyn-seg of network on 3/1/2017. From this point onward I only view/edit with a date of 3/1/2017. Any changes I make, are done as if they happened on 3/1/2017. Any view or report I make of the network/event table is done as it was 3/1/2017.


Then when I am ready to update on 4/1/2017. I now view the data as of 4/1/2017, any edits I make from now on is for 4/1/2017. In order to fill in the gaps that went missing since 3/1 and 4/1 I use the "Detect Gaps For Linear Events" and fill in all the gaps for the event table manually with a REST call.


This is where I think I don't think I have a good solution. For every gap I fill, I have to use queryAttributesSet operation in order to see the "segmentation" and split every gap at a new segmentation change between all the attributes. I also  have no way of knowing if say if a route was adjusted, if the way it was adjusted on the network obeys my initial segmentation. The only solution I can think of is that I have to query every single segment in the event table and confirm that it has only 1 result for queryAttributeSet which search across all segmentation attributes.


Is there an easier or better way to accomplish what I am after?