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Map Tour Not Saving...

Question asked by hmhs_rwoolner on Feb 12, 2017
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Good evening-

I am a little frustrated with the Map Tour storymap at the moment- I have a tour of tracks, waypoints and images of my recent trip to Havana Cuba... and am trying to edit some of the captions, AND would like to add a few additional images.  I have approximately 67 images in the map tour now, and would like to add perhaps 5 more photographs, and perhaps a few sketches.  


I can change the caption, but when I attempt to "save", I often/usually get the "unable to save now" message.  SOMETIMES, it seems to save... however when I verify that possibly-saved-change (to the caption) it shows as the original caption, no different..  For instance, I would like to change the caption on image 3, to read "Plaza de la Revolucion" rather than Revolutionary Square.   Nothing changes "for real".


I have tried using Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.  All behave the same way.  I tried another computer here at home- same thing.  Images are on Flikr, as picasaweb has become so unfriendly.  (On another note... when will the picasaweb icon be removed from the map tour build-wizard interface? When will we be able to use google photos for this application?)


Map Tour of Cuba "as it is now", here: 


screen capture of "not saving"map tour not saving screen capture






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