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I am unable to select a single feature from a shapefile

Question asked by RC123 on Feb 12, 2017
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I have a vector shape file with two "features" in it (see first image below). 

I would like to make this shape file look like the image below.  I am using the latest version of ArcDesktop for Home, and ArcMap.  I understand that I can click Editor, Start Editing and then use the small black arrow/pointer to select "features".  When I click on either of the green areas (in Data View), nothing happens.  In the Table of Contents, if I right-click on the layer and then click on Selection  >>  Select All, the entire layer gets selected but I am unable to select only one of the two green areas.  I think I could use the Reshape Feature Tool to make the features above look like the image below, but the Reshape Tool does not work with multiple selections.  This is the only layer in the map.  The layer has a Geographic Coordinate System (GCS_North_American_1983) I don't know if this is a problem with the "Projection" or what.  I opened a blank map and added this shape file so the Coordinate System or Projection should be the same as the Data Frame.  Any ideas?