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Shortlist and Series Randomly Deleting Locations

Question asked by SchmidtNikolas on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by ressinger-esristaff

Recently, while altering the content in a Shortlist Story Map, I've noticed that, on occasion, my map will fail to load any of the locations saved to a tab. In every instance of this, it has been the case that all of my tabs, save for the first one, have failed to load their content. I was able to recover everyhting a few times by simply closing the application without saving and reopening it, and my content would load correctly when reopened. However, the last time, because I was editing the first tab, I failed to notice that the other tabs had deleted/failed and I saved the application. I believe that this permanently deleted my content. Fortunately, I have several copies of the map so it won't be too horrible to recover from, but I doubt that this functionality is intended.


The content originated from a .csv which used to create a map, which was then used to create the application, with every field imported to the Story Map. Interestingly enough, when the same .csv was used to create a Series Story Map, there were several locations within it that were also unintentionally deleted (this was before I started on the project, so I can't provide more detail on how these may have been deleted). Similarly, when I used that same .csv to create my first Shortlist, prior to the incident described in the paragraph above, the same locations that were deleted in the Series deleted themselves from the Shortlist.


Has anyone else encountered anything similar occurring with their content? Are there any plans to address such an issue? Has anyone run into issues occurring with other story map templates?