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How to share 3d (Z) polylines on AGOL or Portal?

Question asked by valraa on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2019 by julie.kottamala@raleighnc.gov_ral

I was trying to load 3d lines to AGOL from Pro 1.4 with some problems. Using the "Share as Web Scene" in a scene with two linear layers, I shared the web scene and the related feature layers to my AGOL. Opening the scene in AGOL, I discovered that only some layers are present, while others are just listed but empty (no geometries nor rows in the attribute table).

So, as I found documentations on sharing 3d points and multipatch, but not 3d lines (and polygons), except a page saying that "it is possible to do it", I'd be happy if someone could provide a useful link, or a brief explanation on how to share 3d lines to AGOL (or Portal). Many thanks in advance!