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use and save the openstreetmap background-map offline

Question asked by griessie on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by griessie

good morning or hello (where ever you are and how late it is).


I use ArcGIS within a research project (10.0, on a windows pc). It is important that the results are well documented and reproducible for years. Some results are based on the current openstreetmap map, which I have added as background.

My aim is, that I could save the openstreetmap, able to zoom from 1:100000 to 1:1000 with the adaption of the showed details. Means working with a saved offline-map, but in a way like being online.

I don’t want, that the map get updated in future.


So my questions are:

  1. is this even possible what I want to do.
  2. Can you give me an explanation how to realize it, please!


Really, thanks so much!