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Can the Web AppBuilder Draw widget have "Show Measurements" checked on by default?

Question asked by agebhart_johnsoncounty on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by agebhart_johnsoncounty

Our users would like to have the Draw widget's measurements displayed by default so they don't have to check the Show Measurements box each time.  Is this possible in WAB 2.3.



I've tried the following change (highlighted) to apps\#\widgets\Draw\widget.html - line 24, but that didn't work.  Can it be done?  If it's not very easy to see, the modification was to add data-dojo-props="checked:true,value:'true' after type="checkbox".



That was based on a similar modification Robert Scheitlin, GISP described for having the Print widget Advanced Settings default set to preserve map extent.