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Can't figure SSL out (CA)

Question asked by travis.slack on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by javins

So I have Portal and Server set up (10.4). My web adaptors were set up using (web being the in house server portal, server and iis are on). 


Do I need to buy two separate SSL certificates? One for IIS and one for Server? I followed the guide here Configuring HTTPS using a new CA-signed certificate—Documentation (10.4) | ArcGIS Enterprise 

filled everything out, generated the CSR from the arcgis server admin page, submitted to godaddy and got two files back, a p7b and a crt. I have to assume IIS can't import this at all because I have tried and every time I import the crt in IIS by completing the certificate request it dissapears out of Server Certificates when I try to do the bindings.


I originally had letsEncrypt properly securing working perfectly fine in IIS but me nor the ESRI tech couldnt get it working with ArcGIS Server. As a result of not having SSL on my ArcGIS Server I can't create any applications or webmaps and I think theres other weird issues I am seeing too..when I hit create i get a grey bar

and this in the developer console. 


So how do I do this? I feel like ive wasted days trying to get this working properly and when I think I know what to do its just piling up more issues and none of the guides im seeing cover this in depth. 


currently i have letsencrypt on IIS and its secure when I go to which forwards me to and its 100% secure. I purchased the godaddy cert, submitted the csr from server admin and have the files mentioned above..... what do now? I've got everything through IWA right now, mainly to to be used internally, but office staff need the option of being able to access the site out of the office which prompts them for their domain user name and password and that is working correctly. I think the steps ive taken so far have been correct?