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How do I request Story Map enhancements?

Question asked by jfultz22 on Feb 7, 2017
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My organization recently published a cascade story map:


Through the process we identified some enhancements that would be great to see in future releases of the cascade story map builder. These were limitations that we worked around, but we felt would have made the process easier and the final product more visually appealing. I would like some feedback on the feasibility of the enhancements, and the process for officially requesting their implementation. I would also love to hear any other enhancements other folks might like to see.


  1. More control over font type and size
  2. Ability to wrap text around images
  3. Ability to overlay text on images in the tool, rather than having to use a photo editing software (this makes last minute changes cumbersome)
  4. Preventative measures to ensure editors can't overwrite each other
  5. More control of image size
  6. Ability to use bulleted/numbered lists. This is available in other story map builders and would have been extremely helpful.
  7. More control over placement of pull quotes, including ability to wrap text
  8. Ability to do drop caps - big initial letter to start paragraph/section, then smaller text to follow
  9. Standard indentations
  10. Issues with editing in IE, but I assume this is a know issue that isn't a concern?


Thanks in advance for any feedback!