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Survey123 Website - Print Current Response Issue with Attachments

Question asked by philipwilson on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

Hi there,


There is an issue with the Survey123 Website when using the Print Current Response function especially when the feature service has related tables and photo questions within the repeats. Photo attachment labels are not displaying correctly in the preview, and then in the PDF that is produced many of the photos are not even being added to the report (they are missing under each related/repeat table record).


See attached screenshots of missing or incorrectly labelled photos.


Attachment 1 = AGOL Webmap – Show Data table – select a record from related/repeat table and then show attachments. Correct number of attachments and correct photo labels displayed.


Attachment 2 – Survey123 Website – Print Response Preview – the 3 photo attachments from above are shown in the preview, they are the correct photos, however the labels are not correct. The labels shown match the labels of the photos from the main table attachment questions.


Attachment 3 – Printed PDF from Print Response button – the 3 photos from attachment 1 are not shown in the PDF as they should be after the last question from that repeat record, before the next record starts. These photos cannot be found anywhere in report.


Note that some photos and attachments do work in the report for some of the image questions, others do not, seems to be hit and miss, the more photo questions and related tables with attachments, the more photos and labels that are mixed up or missing.


Also attached is our current Survey123 excel file so you can replicate.