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Clearing Azure Cloud Builder 10.5 Creds

Question asked by JordanBaumgardner_GIS on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2020 by shitaldhakal

Arrr! How do you clear the Cloud Builders little brain?!

I can't log in with my MSDN Work Account because it keeps auto logging me in with my personal account.

I hit Sign in - and it just does - no questions, no options, just signs me in with my personal account.

I hit Sign out - it does, then auto logs me in when I re-launch


I've tried -

Reboot same auto login 

Running as admin - It won't launch, but I am Admin.

Clearing all browser cache's - same auto login 

Login in with my work account with everything I have [outlook, VS2015, TFS-Online, and MSDN] - same auto login 

Uninstalled Cloud Builder and Reinstalled - same auto login 


Arrg - I really don't want to do this by hand! The cloud builder is Awsome! But someone please log me out.