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Minimize AttributeTable Widget

Question asked by on Feb 7, 2017
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I mounted a custom buffer widget. I need that after the user clicks on the "Clear Buffers" button, if the attributetable widget is open (taking the bottom of the screen, for example), it is minimized. I tried the following way and I did not succeed. Any help

will be welcome.


NOTE: The close option works correctly, but minimizing does not occur.
Thank you!



this.wManager = WidgetManager.getInstance();                        
if (this.wManager)
        var widgetCfg = this._getWidgetConfig('AttributeTable');
        if (widgetCfg)
                var attWidget = this.wManager.getWidgetByLabel(widgetCfg.label);
                if (attWidget)
                        //Works correctly
                        //It does not work properly