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No features displayed in the scene published on AGOL with Pro 1.4

Question asked by valraa on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by valraa

I am trying to share a Web Scene from ArcGIS Pro 1.4 to AGOL. The scene has three layers, two Z polylines and one polygonal. All the layers and the scene have the same projection (WKID 32632), and the scene is a local scene.

When I share the scene in Pro with Share as Web Scene, I find the Scene under "My contents" in AGOL, but when I open it , nothing appears. If I then open the layers' scene details, and click "Open in a new scene", I am able to see the layers, except one. The layer which does not appear is a Z polyline feature class with subtypes (as the other linear layer).

Below is a screenshot from Pro and AGOL. As you can see, in the AGOL scene there is no trace of the "FloorLines" layer, although it is listed. Also, if I open it in a new map, the Table of Attributes shows no rows, which indicates that it's not a problem of rendering, rather it seems to me that during the publish processing the geometries somehow went missing...

Finally, I took care of choosing a 2D simbol because I saw here that 3D ones are not supported.

Hope someone can help me solving this problem...

Scene from ArcGIS ProScene from AGOL