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How to georeference a bunch of rasters?

Question asked by yay.yo46 on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by yay.yo46

Hi, everyone.

I have a 300+ raster files (orthophoto) in TIFF format and I have excel file with coordinates (lower left and upper right corners) of these rasters. I am searching for a method to  georeference those rasters the fastest way possible.

I have tried manually but it is a lot of zooming, un-zooming and it s now accurate enough. 

1. I defined projection of those rasters and export them to generate TFW files. When I changed particular tfw file (with right text calculated in excel file) but there is no change in scale or location of assigned raster. 

2. I tried with wrap raster tool but can not figuared up that approach to my problem.

3. I do not know how to code in Python, obviously.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.



p.s. I have attached .xls file for your reference. python;georefference tfw

I am using ArcGIS 10.2.2