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Finding ArcGis Pro far harder to use than ArcMap.

Question asked by HenryRob on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by tormsby-esristaff

I would start by saying I have no problems whatsoever with ArcMap and that I think that Arcgis Pro is, to be fair, beautiful to look at.


But most basic things I would be able to do in the basic version just seem so much harder in Pro.


- The Contents Pane is really unintuitive

- The Project View less straight-forward

- It's harder to interact with my layers

- The Spatial Join feature isn't working for me despite having the same settings as I would in joining with ArcMap.


In Map I could guess where features were intuitively and I could always right click on layers to bring back options such as 'display x y data'. The fact that I can't work this out yet can cope with ArcMap I hope is feedback to help improve the program for beginners. I have no doubt that for advanced users with experience, Pro is really good and rewarding but just wanted to feedback how much I am struggling to get to grips with a program which I was considering buying. 


Has anyone else had these feelings at times? Is it something you get past?