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Stretched raster histograms issues.

Question asked by on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2017 by Priemere

I am trying to use the stretched color option with a topography raster. I have a color bar that I painstakingly make in arc and I am basically trying to set values of the topography equal to certain colors using the histogram. The problem (I think) is the histogram doesn't have a break where I need it - it has a -40 then jumps to 19. I want a break at 0 so sea level will align with my shift from blue to green in my color bar. So is there a way to set these values?  Or is there just a better way to do this altogether?


I would use classified color, however it doesn't seem to have a way of ramping the color between the bounds. Its just a single color for a range, and with only a maximum of 32 intervals it doesn't look very good.


Here is a picture of my best result using stretched. You can see the areas on the coast that are green.