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How do you pick the field that AGOL uses to display the list of related tables?

Question asked by sspendley@KGIS on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by paul.cone

Making a application that edits database entries for complaints. I've related the tables, so the complaint is a point, which relates to the table showing the violations, which relates to the table that shows the action/tickets. This is using the app creator.


I've named the relates so it's easy to tell which table you're going to when clicking through relates, but the individual records it relates to are seemingly using a random field as the identifier when you arrive at the list of related tables. I've tried rearranging the fields in the table, and configuring the popup, to no avail. 


Any suggestions?


So the way it looks is you have a popup, you can see the relates, which are named based off of the relationship class that defines them.

Click through the related, and the rows shown there are named based of of a random field (the code field, which I put a the field name into the field to figure this out.)


How do I choose which field is shown here?